‘Against Scams’ Archive

Our Against Scams team began life four years ago. We have given scams awareness presentations to local community groups, trained our Citizens Advice South Lincolnshire volunteers to be more scam aware when they talk with clients, worked with local councilors and mounted scam campaigns. Just before the March 2020 lockdown, we had begun to go out to local schools to talk with their Sixth Formers specifically about the scams that target their age group, preparing for an independent life often away from home. With lockdown, we had to re-direct our energies online and through local print media.

We began to develop a regular bulletin on our Citizens Advice South Lincolnshire Twitter and Facebook pages. This is the archive of those ‘Against Scams’ bulletins.  We have recently introduced our ‘stay safe’ from bulletins.

Looking back, we’ve warned against a very large number of scams. Our continued message has been that:

  • Scammers are ruthless
  • They adapt to suit current circumstances, including Covid-19
  • They are often very sophisticated
  • They take advantage of all types of vulnerability

And our chief advice has been that we can protect ourselves – and others – by:

  • Being scam aware
  • Keeping our personal and bank details to ourselves
  • Saying ‘No’ to unexpected offers or threats

Research and Campaigns Team Against Scams

Citizens Advice South Lincolnshire